Bus terminals, stations, stops

We are interested in clear description of duties and rights of station owners and manages, and carriers. This mainly concerns the agreements between station managers and carriers, oversight of public institutions, sustainable pricing of services with the focus to regulatory part about the terminals.

Open access lines vs. lines under public service obligation

Regional networks build of lines under PSO contracts are the backbone of the regions. They are financed from regional and municipal budges. Therefore these lines are protected economically from the effect of open access lines. In some areas, open access lines are not viable due to extensive protection of PSO lines from regional authorities. PRO BUS is keen to find a balanced approach for co-existence of both open access long distance lines and regional lines funded by the public budges. The commercial carries call for clear and unified rules in decision making in the process of obtaining the line concessions.

Line and charter transport

We support the unified VAT of 12 % for both domestic public lines and charter transport. This will balance the bus transportation market for both kinds of providers.

Foreign carriers performing domestic transportation in Czechia should be subjected to equal VAT charge as domestic carriers, or pay turnover tax of equal percentage. We support the application of cabotage* in only exception situations for foreign charter carriers realizing contracts inside Czechia.

*) Prohibition to perform intra country transportation in Czechia when the group transported did not arrive with given international carriers originaly from abroad, but boarded in Czechia.

Passenger Rights

We educate both carriers and passengers about the travel rights, raise awareness about competences of carriers, tickets retailers, and terminal managers.